sparked 1.0: what we learned

As I mentioned in my post from earlier in the week, Arik and I were pleased with the first program we put on last November as part of the sparked: Digital & Social Media Training series that we are attempting to develop. We successfully produced the event! (Step one accomplished.) Generally speaking we received very positive feedback from the attendees on various facets ranging from content to speakers to format. Lastly, we heard enough from our actual attendees and others in the community that we believe there is a need for this kind of offering. Now we have to figure out whether we can help address that. Continue reading


the next side something


I’m not a fan of the phrase “side hustle” because the word hustle seems overused these days, but I’ve always found myself spending free time on outlets outside of my day job. I tried my hand as a co-founder on a start-up venture that fizzled out. I am nearing the end of my second and final term on the board of directors for the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association where I co-lead programming. I also serve on the advisory board for SXSW where I get to help evaluate proposals and provide input on the content that makes its way into the Austin conference. Continue reading

My “Real-Time Marketing” Reaction

wasted hours

One week ago the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos were competing on sport’s most watched stage in Super Bowl XLVIII. There was also another battle taking place that night by advertisers across the country who wanted in on the action. No, I’m not talking about the dozens of brands that forked out nearly $4 million for a 30 second commercial during the game. Instead I’m talking about the countless number of brands that were doing “real time marketing” during the game. Continue reading

my latest Twitter fave

riot fest tweet_3

In case you haven’t picked up on it, I’m a big fan of Twitter. I’ve been pretty active on the network going back a handful of years, and I love the bite size way that people are able to share information and carry on conversations.

One of the things that is key to making the most out of Twitter is to have an authentic voice. I talk about this all the time with Leslie or with the folks on my team. It’s important to have a point-of-view and voice on the platform that is true to who you are or what your brand represents.  Continue reading

it’s time to redesign the RFP


Over the course of the last several months I have been working on two RFP’s for my company. One was to hire our first social marketing agency-of-record while the other RFP was for a new social media management system (SMMS). Following a thorough and deliberate process we recently concluded our searches. While leading this work I learned the ins-and-outs of what it means to go through the RFP process at a Fortune 100 firm like Best Buy. I went through the paces with a wide range of talented people that came from areas such as procurement, contract management, information technology, corporate technology & security, legal, and privacy. I came away with the understanding that a well crafted request-for-proposal is an absolute necessity to help potential vendors provide the best reply possible. And lastly, I came away with the belief that from a client perspective the current RFP process for big companies is flawed and needs to be redesigned. Continue reading

busted on the back channel

Palma Violets

A few weeks ago @plesserchick and I went to the 7th Street Entry for a concert to see the U.K. band Palma Violets along with the New York band Guards who were the openers. I’m not sure how often I get into it here on the blog front, but I go out to see more than my fair share of live music — probably in the range of five or more shows per month. (I’m not trying to appear boastful — while I think this is more than the average person, this isn’t nearly as many shows as my wife or friends attend.) Continue reading

observations from my social (media) super bowl

2013 marked the third year in a row that Best Buy has had a TV advertisement air during the Super Bowl. Two years ago it was the spot that featured Ozzy and the Biebs. Last year, our TV commercial focused on technology entrepreneurs that created new innovations or applications for smart phones such as the folks behind Instagram, Square, Words with Friends and Shazam. For this year’s Super Bowl, SNL alumnus and current “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler was featured in the Best Buy commercial.

While our marketing plans for Super Bowl were not super (no pun intended) intense when it came to social media activity on game day, there was enough going on to warrant my team getting together and working during the game. Since we don’t have a social media command center at the Best Buy corporate office, my team and I had a few options to consider when figuring out where we were going to work. Continue reading