sparked 1.0: what we learned

As I mentioned in my post from earlier in the week, Arik and I were pleased with the first program we put on last November as part of the sparked: Digital & Social Media Training series that we are attempting to develop. We successfully produced the event! (Step one accomplished.) Generally speaking we received very positive feedback from the attendees on various facets ranging from content to speakers to format. Lastly, we heard enough from our actual attendees and others in the community that we believe there is a need for this kind of offering. Now we have to figure out whether we can help address that. Continue reading



This week I wrapped up my second term and fourth year on the board of directors for the all volunteer run Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA). It was a wonderful and occasionally frustrating ride. It feels like the closing of a chapter – the end of a relationship of sorts. So instead of doing a typical blog post about it, I thought I’d write a farewell letter.

Dear MIMA,

Thank you for opening your doors to me four years ago and giving me the opportunity to be a part of something. Part of the board of directors. Part of a network full of gifted and talented individuals and companies. Part of a community that is both large and small all at the same time. (Didn’t someone say something at my final board meeting comparing the digital scene in the Twin Cities to “Two degrees of Kevin Bacon”? Yeah, that seems about right.) Continue reading

Behind the Scenes: SXSW advisory board


It’s six months and counting until SXSW 2015 commences, but the conference is top of mind for many people in the advertising and marketing industries. I’m sure you’ve seen people on Twitter begging asking for votes for their panel proposals. Or perhaps you know colleagues that were glued to their computers last month when SXSW registration opened just so they could get a chance to score one of the precious hotel rooms in downtown Austin.

As of late I have been on my own mini-SXSW bender. I’m a member of the SXSW Advisory Board and this is the time of the year when I’m on the clock. The last couple of weeks have found me binge reading and giving my two cents on two hundred different marketing related proposals that are trying to make the cut for the interactive portion of the conference. With this being my fourth year on the board, I thought that I could share my view on the selection process for the conference and what I think about when giving feedback. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes: the YouTube Partner Program

Me and my new BFF

Me and my new BFF

For four days last week I was hunkered down at the fabulous YouTube Space L.A. for the YouTube Partner Program. This was a workshop where I got up-to-speed on all things YouTube and learned how Best Buy could take our activities on the platform up a few notches. The production studio, which is located near Marina Del Rey, also doubles as a collaborative workspace for writers, editors, directors and producers. (Fun fact: YouTube Space L.A. is located on grounds that formerly housed one of Howard Hughes’ airports.) Continue reading