About me


I’m a native Kansas Citian but call Minneapolis home.  The Twin Cities rock on many levels…except for the length of the winter.

Work-wise, I focus on the digital and brand marketing space with experience on both client and agency side. Presently I work as a director on the digital team at Allianz and serve on the board of directors of the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association. (Head on over to my LinkedIn profile if you want more career details.)

If you’re into the Twitter thing, you can find chatting or ranting with friends and colleagues over there.

I dig live music. I wish I was better than a novice guitar player. I love Kansas Jayhawk basketball. And I am a Royals fan in hibernation. Scratch that. After the miraculous 2014 post-season run, I’ve dusted off my Royals ball cap and am back in the game so to say.

(And why is the blog called “Slim’s Pickings?”  The site name is an ode to an old nickname I had when I was growing up.  KC Slim in case you were wondering.)

Lastly, all views expressed here are my own and are not necessarily those of my employer.


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