Reaction: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2014 report


Yesterday Mary Meeker from Kleiner Perkins fame presented her annual look at digital and online trends. I look forward to reading this report every year because I see it as a digital bible of sorts. Ok, I don’t mean an e-book version of the actual Bible. Rather, Meeker’s annual presentation provides a fantastic overview of what consumer behavior and business changes are taking place in the digital world.

I believe this is a must read for any digital or interactive marketer. After reviewing the presentation, here are the initial findings that struck a chord with me.

  • If you’re not thinking mobile first when it comes to consumer behavior, you better hop on board because you’re already late to the train. Mobile web usage continues to grow in a big way. The monetization of mobile via advertising continues to increase substantially, yet there is a significant disparity between the amount of time people spend on mobile and the media dollars being spent there. (See slides 9 – 15.)
  • Although we may feel like we’re in another tech bubble similar to that of the late ’90s, Meeker presents some evidence that says that we’re not. All you have to do is follow the money. (See slides 21 – 23.)
  • Anyone that still subscribes to the idea Facebook is the one-size fits all approach to social media is not with the times. We’re using more social platforms than ever, and we’re using them for very different purposes. This movement is being driven by the increased adoption of mobile technology plus the increased use of videos and images within social conversations combined with the size of the Millennial generation. (See slides 34-41.)
  • Compelling uses of data that are brought to life via powerful user experiences can kill legacy business models. Think Uber. Think Airbnb. (See slides 75 – 83.)
  • Related to my first point about mobile, video watching on smartphones and tablets is outpacing television viewing. I love it as a viewer, and it’s interesting to watch how brands are trying to wrap their heads around this and how it impacts their media mix.  (See slides 94 – 97.)

Here’s the full presentation in case you haven’t seen it. I know it’s a long read but it is well worth going through. I invite you to check it out and let me know what stuck out to you.


(Photo courtesy of Scott Beale via Creative Commons license.)


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