“Hyper” local marketing goes old school

The Old SchoolLast week my better half and I took a short vacation to Austin. It’s one of our favorite cities, but it’s just too difficult to explore during the chaos that is SXSW (which is when we are normally there). So this year, we decided to skip SX, and instead we took a trip down south later in the spring to enjoy the weather and the city itself.

Lately I’ve been noticing a resurgence in conversations about “hyper” local marketing. That can take on lots of forms and factors especially in the digital marketing space, but when we were in Texas we saw a brand cleverly apply local marketing to a very old school medium: out-of-home advertising.

Dos Equis has taken their “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign to a handful of cities, and we got to see some of their out-of-home ads being executed in Austin. When we saw the billboards we loved how fun and relevant they were to the community. There were various ads around town that had Austin-centric themes such as the city being the live music capitol of the world, poking fun at its heralded food scene, inferring connections to the University of Texas or even building on the notion that Austin prides itself on being a weird town.

I failed to take any pictures of the ads (busted!) while we were on our trip, but I did find some examples from other cities such as Los Angeles. I love how commentary in these ads appeal to residents in a way that only locals would really get. With all of the options out there to customize advertising via digital media, I appreciate how some brands are still trying to have fun and get creative with traditional media tactics.

Los Angeles billboard Via Dailybillboardblog.com.

Los Angeles billboard Via Dailybillboardblog.com.

(Photo courtesy of Duncan Hull via Creative Commons license.)


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