Quick hitting case study: Fluevog Shoes

Earlier this fall, Leslie and I were doing the “be a tourist in your hometown” thing and decided to check out some stores that we don’t normally frequent. One of the places we visited was Fluevog Shoes in the Uptown neighborhood. They only have one location here, and it has been open for just about a year. Before visiting the store, I really didn’t know much about the Fluevog brand, but Leslie was familiar with it and promised that I’d like it. As usual, she was right.


One foot in with a Fluevog

Fluevog shoes feature a classic style with a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll edge. They somewhat remind me of more sophisticated Doc Martens. When I was looking around the store, I spotted a pair of their Andrew Oxford shoes and fell in love with them. (I have to admit that I’ve developed a soft spot for cool shoes the last couple of years. It’s the hipster in me – I know.) Leslie saw how I was fawning over the oxfords, and she bought them for me as an early birthday present.

Not only did I like the shoes because of how they looked and how comfortable they were, but I appreciated the craftsmanship that went into them. Most of their shoes are hand made in family owned operations like the one featured on their YouTube channel. Also, the store employees won me over with their enthusiasm and love for their products.

I don’t usually go on Twitter and talk too much about brands, but my first day wearing the new shoes I decided to give Fluevog a shout-out Tweet.

Fluevog Tweet_cropped

Later that day when I logged back on to Twitter, I saw that I had a new direct message. It was from the folks at Fluevog Shoes and simply said “Thanks for being awesome.”

Fluevog DM screengrab_cropped

Now I know that this wasn’t a huge deal, but who doesn’t like to get a note saying you are awesome? I bet everyone does. How hard was it for them to reach out to me and send me that direct message? It probably took their community manager about 30 seconds to do it. With just that simple act, Fluevog definitely won me over to the point that I’m still thinking about it much later. Here’s the thing about this that really sticks with me: how many brands would kill to get this kind of top of mind awareness several weeks after the fact due to something so small and easy? I’m willing to bet that would be a big, big number.

(Photo courtesy of Eugene Archibald courtesy of Creative Commons license.)


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