my latest Twitter fave

riot fest tweet_3

In case you haven’t picked up on it, I’m a big fan of Twitter. I’ve been pretty active on the network going back a handful of years, and I love the bite size way that people are able to share information and carry on conversations.

One of the things that is key to making the most out of Twitter is to have an authentic voice. I talk about this all the time with Leslie or with the folks on my team. It’s important to have a point-of-view and voice on the platform that is true to who you are or what your brand represents. 

One of my favorite Twitter handles doing this so well right now belongs to the punk rock music festival Riot Fest. If you’re not familiar with the festival, then check out their site. As you would expect their brand has a snarky punk ethos, and that comes through on their Twitter handle very well. They are crass, sarcastic, ironic and snotty. It’s hilarious.

I’ve included some of their safer examples here on the blog, but just know that the feed may get a bit, shall I say, salty at times. If you’re into the music scene, then they are worth following right away because they are about to wrap up their 2013 festival tour this weekend. If their music isn’t your cup of tea, then I still suggest checking out their tweets to see a great example of what it is like to have a true voice.

riot fest tweet_2 riot fest tweetriot fest tweet_7 riot fest tweet_6 riot fest tweet_5 riot fest tweet_4


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