some post-vacation quick hitters


Last week was my first one back in the office after a vacation up north. The last few years we have rented a cabin in the Cross Lake area. Just me, Leslie and the dogs. It’s a nice break in the middle of the summer where we can just relax and unwind and get away from it all. Following this same trip a year ago, I wrote about the benefits of hitting refresh and getting back to the consumer mindset. This time around I wanted to take the less serious route share some quick thoughts.

Getting loads of rest and taking it easy is never overrated.


We spent seven nights at the cabin and that meant I had seven nights where I had at least nine or ten hours sleep. I don’t think I’ve slept that long on a consistent basis since my summers in between semesters at KU. Take that and combine it with three or four rounds of golf and you have one hell of a relaxing time. Normally I prefer vacations and trips where there are lots of things to see or lots of places to check out, but sometimes you just can’t beat kicking up your feet and taking it easy.

Cooking is cathartic in its own right.


This summer during our lake trip we decided to make our meals for the entire week instead going out to eat. (I’ll admit that I did hit up DQ once or twice for a dipped cone, but that’s about it.) I have to say there was plenty of dishwashing to be done but there is something about cooking all of your meals that I loved. Maybe it was the ritual of it or maybe it was the teamwork involved — Leslie and I really enjoy cooking together — but it was quite satisfying to be able to take our time and create great dinners every evening.

I’m utterly intrigued by Downton Abbey.


I’ve heard the buzz from friends and family about the British show Downton Abbey but had never watched it, so we brought the DVD of season one on the trip with us. Usually at the cabin we have a “no TV” policy but we made an exception this year. Going in I was a bit suspicious of the show because I’m not huge public television fan. (Public radio is a completely different story – I’m a big advocate for public radio.) After having watched the first season over the course of three nights I now find myself totally hooked. The story line. The characters. The family life upstairs versus the house staff drama downstairs. The mansion itself being a character. It makes for an outstanding drama and just a few days ago we picked up season two on DVD so we can continue watching.

(Photos courtesy of Shuttersmack Photography + Design and Neil Howard.)


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