reaching the end of the line in 2011 with silliness in tow


When I started this blog earlier in the summer, I intended to use it to share my thoughts on what it’s like to work as a marketer for a Fortune 100 brand, talk about insights I’m learning along the way, and poke some fun at the corporate environment.  Looking back on my first seven months worth of posts, I’ve leaned heavily into the first two categories and fell a bit short on the third.

But if you know me in person or interact with me at all online, then you know I bring a healthy bit of sarcasm and a dry sense of humor to my work.  And there is nothing riper for having some good laughs than the realities of what you see and get exposed to while working for a really big company. 

So to round out my last post of 2011 and to fall in line with the theme of year-end lists, I bring you a few of my favorite (and frankly silliest) corporate marketing observations from 2011.

“Hiking with Llamas at Machu Picchu, Walking with Cheetahs in South Africa, Swimming with Seals in the Galapagos,  Sleeping with Pandas in China”

– These were the extracurricular activities found on a job applicant’s resume that I reviewed.  And yes, ever since reading that I feel like I have completely underachieved in life.

 “Thanks everyone for iterating our way to this outcome!”

– This lovely line came across my e-mail in-box.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate corporate jargon.  When can we get back to speaking in plain English?

“We try to reach our consumer where they live, work and play with innovative marketing that sparks rich dialogue and conversation. We believe in using a balance of earned, paid and owned media that work together to hit consumers at multiple touch points.   As we have expanded our presence online through our social channels, we have seen an organic amplification of the conversation around our iconic campaigns, as one tweet or link can be seen by thousands in a consumer’s network. For example, “***” [details have been redacted to protect the innocent] was introduced to the public nearly five years ago via earned and social media, took off virally and still generates thousands of social media mentions a year in discussion.”

– Marketing buzz words are the sister language to corporate jargon.  I think this line that I read in an article may take the cake for cramming the most buzz words into a singular space.

“There is a major initiative going on; it’s called ‘Connect the Connections.’”

– I overheard this mentioned one day in a meeting.  You have to love how internal projects get such intuitive names or the fact that such a project named this even exists.

QR Code mockery


– The proliferation of QR codes (aka 2D barcodes) on the marketing scene and subsequent hype associated with them have made them a prime target.  I took a run at it in one of my first posts and some folks I know are on the bandwagon to do away with them.  This video does one of the best jobs I’ve seen of mocking the fixation on the “shiny object syndrome” associated with QR codes.

If you have any additions to this list from the past year then let me know.  I’d love to hear from some kindred spirits.

Thanks for checking in and reading along the past several months.  I plan on keeping this up next year.  I’d like to start incorporating some topics that I face in my daily work, that from the world of social media marketing, plus I hope to do some more occasional posts on what I’m enjoying from the world of music.

Here’s to a festive end of 2011 and an even better 2012!

(Photo courtesy of creative commons license: Matt Blaze.)


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